Wed. May 5th, 2021

Opinion: Equipping university students for a digital future

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Similarly, many faculty members find it’s easier to monitor student progress online by using digital analytics.

But perhaps the greatest unexpected benefit of e-learning is how it relates to the changing nature of work.

Two years ago, Concordia began to develop a comprehensive digital strategy. As a first step, we surveyed our students. Overwhelmingly, they felt digital skills were critical to their employability — and told us we weren’t doing enough to hone those skills.

Today, the necessity to function intelligently in the digital environment is pervasive. As a result, online education has become a new type of experiential learning.

This fall, students will get credit for mastering the same subject competencies they would in a face-to-face context. But they’ll be acquiring that knowledge in a virtual environment more reflective of their future workplace. With international students joining in from around the world, this new experiential learning will include managing real-time global collaboration.

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