Wed. May 5th, 2021

Fear of contracting COVID-19 keeps hundreds of Quebec teachers home

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“I will be passing through groups of students and I’m the potential vector,” Green said.

He and his colleagues know students need to be back in class, especially those suffering from mental health issues and those with difficult home lives.

“We want to help our students deal with the pandemic, but we do not feel the government has done what’s necessary to make it safe for us,” he said. “We have to find ways to do this safely or we will all be at home.”

Premier François Legault said despite the view of the doctors and scientists who are calling for stricter measures in schools, Quebec’s public health department has told the government students do not need to wear masks all day while in classrooms

“Public health says it is not necessary. Most jurisdictions don’t require it except in the corridor and when we enter and leave the school,” Legault said Tuesday. “Once we are in the famous bubble (in the classroom) it is not necessary. There will always be people who will say we’re going too far, others that we are not going far enough.

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