Tue. Oct 27th, 2020

It starts with a mustard seed — biopesticides for the fruit, vegetable, and cannabis industries

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MustGrow Biologics Corp. (CSE: MGRO)  has developed novel and proprietary solutions that utilize components of the mustard plant to provide high-quality pest control to growers facing challenges associated with nematodes and soil-borne diseases. Our technology is truly sustainable, providing benefits to the grower, the environment and the consumer.

Jim Gordon: Hi, I’m Jim Gordon and you’re watching Market One Minute. Joining us today is Corey Giasson, president, CEO and director of MustGrow Biologics Corp. Corey, tell us, what does MustGrow do?

Corey Giasson: MustGrow is an ag biotech company with 100-per-cent-owned, patented technology that can be used as a bio pesticide for the fruit-and-vegetable and cannabis industries. Our product is natural, safe and effective. In fact, it has similar efficacies to that of harmful synthetic pesticides.

Jim Gordon: And tell us about your technology and why it’s so unique.

Corey Giasson: Our technology is so unique because it’s made by the mustard seed. We extract the natural compounds within it, but it has a similar efficacy at controlling pests and diseases to that of synthetic chemicals.

Nematodes, for instance, cause over a hundred billion dollars annually in crop loss. Our product has a 100-per-cent efficacy compared to methyl bromide at fending off nematodes, and that’s significant. We have 100-per-cent control, using our product, of those funguses within 24 hours. For a natural product, a biologic product, to be able to do that is rare.

Jim Gordon: And what products do you have that can help cannabis growers?

Corey Giasson: We look forward to getting registration added to our label for the cannabis industry, and using our product to treat the soil before it is brought into the greenhouse. This can be fusarium, which causes root rot; botrytis, which causes grey mold. These funguses are being brought into the greenhouse through the soil. With our product, we look forward to treating them.

In addition, we’ve then licensed a third-party product which contains streptomyces liticus, and that can be a treatment for powdery mildew. Powdery mildew is probably the No. 1 issue causing cannabis growers headaches these days, and we have a solution for that.

Jim Gordon: What other industries is MustGrow looking into?

Corey Giasson: There’s multiple industries that our technology could potentially be used. If we can control fusarium that affects a cannabis crop or strawberries, we potentially could also control fusarium that is a factor in other areas. For instance, fusarium is a huge issue for stored grains. It causes about $10 billion annually in annual crop loss. We look forward to doing testing to see if we can also help control the fusarium that is affecting stored grains.

Jim Gordon: And finally, what are some of the results you’re seeing with the testing of your technology on soil-borne pests and diseases that can affect cannabis production?

Corey Giasson: We’re seeing excellent results. We’re showing that we have similar efficacy to that of synthetic chemicals. The egg pesticide market is about a $60-billion market. Many biologics haven’t been able to penetrate that $60-billion industry because they are not as effective as the synthetic chemicals, and farmers want to use products that work effectively. Our product is natural, organic, and it works similar to that of synthetic chemicals.

Jim Gordon: Thanks for joining us, Corey.

Corey Giasson: Thank you.

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