Tue. May 26th, 2020

Google mobility report shows Quebecers flocking to parks

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Quebecers are still staying away from retail stores and transit stations, but there has been a surge in the number of people visiting parks, according to a new mobility report released by Google.

The report, which is based on geolocation data collected through applications such as Google Maps, shows movement trends over time, and by geography all around the world. It is split up into six categories: parks, retail and recreation, grocery and pharmacy, transit stations, workplaces and residential. It compares movements of people to trends observed for the five-week period of Jan. 3 to Feb. 6, 2020. The goal of the report is to “include categories that are useful to social distancing efforts as well as access to essential services,” according to Google.

The data for the period ending May 16 shows a 66 per cent increase in people visiting parks in Quebec compared with baseline data, though it’s probably not abnormal for visits to parks to increase between January and May. The last report, issued March 29 and released on April 3, showed 68 per cent fewer visits to parks in the province.

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