Tue. May 26th, 2020

Bordeaux inmate says lockdown conditions are squalid

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An inmate who is among a large group of men who have been living under a 24-hour lockdown at the Bordeaux jail since April 24 says the stress is mounting as the cells become increasingly squalid.

“We are super dirty. Our cells are super dirty. Our clothes are super dirty,” said the inmate, who is serving a lengthy sentence at the jail, officially named the Montreal Detention Centre.

Bordeaux has been hit hard by the coronavirus. Robert Langevin, a 72-year-old who was in poor health when he was first detained in December, died of COVID-19 this week. It was the first death attributed to COVID-19 at Bordeaux and has raised the overall stress level, the inmate said.

The man was interviewed on the condition that his name not be published. He also asked that details of his sentence not be published, as they could help identify him.

One detail he didn’t mind being published is that he was only wearing shorts on Friday. It was the last piece of clean clothing he had left. The rest are in a bag and have not been laundered since April 24, when an inmate at Bordeaux was taken to a hospital for another reason and a test revealed he had COVID-19.

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