Mon. Sep 28th, 2020

Keith Gerein: Edmonton’s historian laureate program marks 10 years with first Indigenous appoinment

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There are moments I wish I could go back to the past and redo my years in university, which, ironically enough, were spent as a history major.

At the time, I eschewed study of my own country and region, and was instead captivated by the romanticized stories of ancient societies from far off places — the senate of Rome, the court of Constantinople, the pharaohs of Egypt, the temples of Israel — not recognizing that North America had its own thriving civilizations that were just as fascinating.

I know I’m not alone. Perhaps because comparatively little physical evidence remains of these civilizations, or because of gaps in school curriculum, or maybe due to plain old wilful ignorance, we as Canadians — particularly western Canadians — have not done a great job of understanding the ancient history of our own part of the world.

It was therefore gratifying to hear that Edmonton’s newly minted historian laureate, Amber Paquette, aims to change that through a series of documentary films over the next couple of years.

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