Tue. May 26th, 2020

Josh Freed: We’re on COVID parole, so let’s keep things clean

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Congratulations fellow prisoners: we’re getting out on probation!

Starting Monday, we Montrealers will be released from our COVID cells and granted day parole, as stores, car dealers, physiotherapists and other services open — and we return to a semblance of life Before COVID.

If we remain on good behaviour and six feet apart, we might soon get more freedoms — like haircuts and even restaurants (places where they bring food to your table and wash the dishes — which seems like a dream).

So as the sun shines gloriously and you step cautiously out from home confinement into our new living-with-COVID world, here’s what’s been changing in recent days.

Gatherings: Parks are quickly becoming the new festival grounds of spring 2020, without the festivals.

Since gatherings of 10 were recently announced, Jeanne-Mance Park has been filled with groups of people in swimsuits, lounging and yakking while safely spaced.

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