Tue. May 26th, 2020

Smoke detector credited with saving lives of family and pets

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Members of a Quebec family and their two dogs owe their lives to the smoke detector that warned them of a three-alarm fire that was so intense it melted the siding on the neighbouring house.

Responding to multiple calls to 911 at around midnight Friday, approximately 50 firefighters battled for three hours to get the fire under control on Paix-et-Amitié St. in the Saint-Émile neighbourhood.

Alexandre Lajoie, spokesperson for the Service de protection contre l’incendie de la Ville de Québec, said he had no doubt that the outcome for the four family members could have been much different.

“These people were alerted to the fire by the smoke detector, which saved their lives. Some were treated for smoke inhalation and were examined on the scene by paramedics but did not require hospitalization,” Lajoie said.

The Red Cross is assisting the family, whose two dogs were saved by firefighters.

The house contained a second residential unit, but it was empty at the time of the fire.

The cause of the fire is being investigated. The house sustained considerable damage from the fire as well as water damage to the basement.

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