Tue. May 26th, 2020

Saturday’s letters: Snowbirds perform service to Canada

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I knew it wouldn’t take long for the naysayers to call for the abolition of the Snowbirds following the tragic accident over Kamloops. This particular accident occurred when the aircraft was en route to Victoria and not in close quarters with the other aircraft on the flight.

The Snowbirds perform air shows at many venues in Canada and internationally, showing Canada’s face to an enormous number of people who leave with an often new and highly favourable impression of our country.

This alone makes them worth every taxpayer dollar spent to keep them in the air. Yes, there are accidents and lives are lost on occasion. I don’t mean to minimize the loss of lives but it must be placed into perspective.

They volunteer for the Snowbirds knowing full well the risks but having confidence in their ability and in those who service their aircraft so well.

Accidents happen and when they do, we grieve for the lost lives but we also remember them for their dedication and their service to their country. It does them a great disservice to use this or any other accident to claim their service was a waste of their lives and of taxpayers’ money.

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