Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

Montreal to open splash pads in parks to help beat heat wave

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The city will be opening splash pads in parks where slides, swings and other playground equipment have been roped off for weeks.

“I think it will be a question of limiting the play zone to one family for a period of time,” Drouin said.

She said the overall pandemic situation in Montreal is “progressing in a good direction. While the number of tests are increasing, we still have slow constant reduction in the number of cases each day.

“We are seeing the same drop in terms of new hospitalizations, new admissions to emergency rooms and in intensive care for COVID-19,” Drouin said. “We ask that the public remain vigilant, because we are in a period where we are reopening several sectors of activity. The virus is still circulating and outbreaks are still a possibility.”

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