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Karl Lohnes: Safety first around the pool, but make style a close second

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If space allows, loungers are the choice seating for relaxing by the pool. I always recommend large lounge chairs with ottomans to create a lounger effect. That way if you need seating for larger parties (when larger gatherings are allowed), both the chairs and ottomans can double your seating capacity, yet you can still luxuriously lounge away a quiet pool day.

The trend in outdoor furniture (again, like inside furniture) is to large and super-comfortable with thick sink-into cushions. Keep fabrics neutral (like taupe, grey or navy) for a high-end resort look; go for bright colours, patterns and white for a tropical or nautical feel.

Looking for inspiration? Take it from your pool surroundings. If you’ve got natural stone, slate or brick, pick up those colours as a neutral for furnishings. If you’ve got pale concrete, a bright blue pool liner or white siding on your home, opt for crisp, clean or bright colours.

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Karl Lohnes has worked as a home decor expert and product designer for 25 years.

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