Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

Josh Freed: Montreal divided between the masked and the maskless

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They kept telling us the second wave was coming, but who knew it would be a heat wave?

The sweltering temperatures have made COVID-coping even more tricky, as many people are sweating and gasping through their masks.

It’s also sent crowds off to the beach, especially since we’re told it’s safer outdoors. But that’s overloaded beaches in the countryside and caused COV-irritation in those still living in near-isolation.

It’s all part of our confusing, contradictory new world where fast-changing events, science and personal attitudes have people living in vastly different worlds.

On one hand, Montreal is opening huge pedestrian street corridors to give everyone a full six-feet of walking space. Meanwhile, our parks, bars and streets are filled with crowds, totally ignoring any distancing at all.

In Jeanne-Mance Park near my home, crowds of 10 to 20 people routinely gather, often only a foot apart, sharing picnic food and sometimes embracing.

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